Moon Over Argentina
Allergo Poppy
I Only Have Eyes For You
Peace and Love
Taking Off
Waterfall of Laos
Wisdom's Reflection
Dancing Beauty
Dancing Ladies
Feather Wonder
Green Lion
Room For One More
Lion Dance
Purple Passion

About The Artist

  Rose Jung is an Southwest Florida mixed media artist. Her artwork incorporates recycled and re-purposed materials. The re-purposed piece “Aquamarina: Goddess of clean water” utilizes recycled natural and man made materials as an express of concern for the toxic waterways of Florida. She uses masks as symbols of concealment of the ego or an expression of different entities in her artwork. Butterflies are also a common characteristic in her artistic creations as symbols of transformation, hope and life as transitory.

  She seeks inspiration from the current social, political and cultural climates. Years of extensive traveling have exposed to her to Asian and Pacific Rim art forms; when possible she imbues elements of it in her sculptural pieces. Her art has been seen in juried shows at the Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center, The Alliance for the Arts, Arts for Act, Visual Arts Center Punta Gorda, Coco Art Gallery, Estero and Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs.

Amphitrite: Greek Sea Goddess
Aquamarina: Goddess of Clean Water
Automation Couture
Bling Bling is my thing
Boxed In
Broken Wings
Free to be me
Kimono kats and kranes
Keeping up with
KK and O
Lady in Pink
Las Vegas Cher
Latmikaik: Palauan Sea Goddess
Mazu: Chinese Sea Goddess
Namaka: Hawaiian Goddess of the Sea
Pele: Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes
Lady In Red
What's On Your Mind?
Who Am I?
Xana: Asturian Goddess of Water
XOXO Deception